The Why And How Of Our Programming


WonderTrek Children's Museum welcomes people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities living in our area. The museum has a consistently rich array of play and learning experiences and environments that strengthen our communities. We encourage an active and lifelong process directed by the learner. Motivated by curiosity and interests, learning engages the senses, emotions, and mind.

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Home Base

At the Franklin Arts Center in Brainerd, MN we look forward to seeing families walk through out doors. Our space continues to evolve with the needs and wants our community. We invite EVERYONE who sees an open door at out home base in the Franklin Arts Center to stop in and say hello.


Building Forts

Inside or outside, the Wonder Trek Children's Museum comes to find out how young people can use their ingenuity and imagination, having several different types of hands-on materials. They create forts with others and see the inside and the outside as an opportunity to play more.

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Outdoor Exploration

Where we all live matters. WonderTrek strives to develop and help the growth of every child by opening their eyes to the world around them with a full look at the nature they can play in right outside their doors. From walks into nature to see the forests of Central Minnesota to teaching outdoor survival Wondertrek takes them out into the world.


Pipe Cleaner Art

Parents and children can zone out and make what they dream with pipe cleaner, burlap, rubber bands, and peg boards. A favorite among the museum projects.


Water Play

During this Playful Exploration everyone gets to discover all of the different things that can be done in and around water. Put your fun hats on and come to enjoy the artistic and fun adventure that is the water.


Bird Watching

Children create through clay, putty, and drawings birds to hide and find, classify and create and name. Bird watching is taken to a new level during this programming.



From building sticks to magnet tiles, gears to putty, and giant blocks to pipe cleaner, we give those at our Playful Exploration sessions to show us how to build the world in a fun, creative, and new way every time.


Color Your Happiness

Letting our youth take the reigns when it comes to showing us what about the world inspires them is the idea behind our painting and coloring exploration. We give them the tools to draw, color, create, glue, and design their own smile to take home.


Tiny Towns

How do your children see the city they live in? What do your streets look like to them? When it comes to how a city looks our children have a unique perspective. Our Tiny Towns program lets them express the style that they would like to see a town show, and encourages teamwork and creativity throughout the process.

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Make Your Music

When can children create? What children can create. During this programming we allow them to create instruments, small and large, that reflect the sounds they want to put out into the world. They design, color, personalize, and test their sounds as they create and learn how the little things can turn out pretty big. ( with some of our toys.)


Big Blocks

Giant blocks + imagination? Yes and please. This program allows the participants, young and old, to create and work together to build as big and wide as they can dream. It turns out teamwork works after all.